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32 Israeli Incitement Quotes

  1. As Hitler, may his name be erased, once said: "I cannot live in this world if there is one Jew left in it", we could not live in this land if even one such Islamo-Nazi remains in Gaza, and not before we return to Gaza and turn it into Hebrew Gaza.

  2. Don't leave a single goat alive!

  3. I think we should've gone into Rafah yesterday ... There are no uninvolved [civilians] there. You have to go in and kill and kill and kill ... We have to kill them before they kill us.

  4. On the first day or two we should have killed 100,000 Gazans ... Maybe a few there are human beings. 90-something percent are terrorists and involved. Not uninvolved. There’s no such thing as uninvolved [civilians].

  5. The list of participants in the riots at Columbia University should be given to the Mossad agent known as "Golem", a skilled sap expert in removing anti-Semitic contamination in a simple procedure without anesthesia with a very low rate of repeat offenders.

  6. This is not just about Columbia, this is every US college. They have said they are going to bring down Columbia first, and then as a domino effect will have all other universities.

  7. What we're seeing now at Columbia, and I don't use this word lightly -- we're not seeing ideological war, we're not seeing support for terrorism -- we are seeing terrorism.

  8. President Minouche Shafik supports Hamas. President Minouche Shafik supports Islamic Jihad. Because every minute that she doesn't let the NYPD clear out these terrorist supporters from campus, she is a terrorist supporter. And I stand by my word.

  9. Stop trying to heal antisemites and start trying to hurt them ... They will stop out of fear because they know they will get hurt. They will stop because it is unpleasant to get hurt ... Every legal means available to you ... You must, to the best of your ability, ruin their fucking life. Ruin their fucking life as best you can, without remorse, without pity, and without any excitement. Just factually and objectively cause them pain.

  10. We need to strike the enemy with ten plagues, wipe out the memory of Amalek, to outstretch the arm with a mighty hand & give him one blow until it screams.

  11. Today's terrorists are the children of previous wars, whom we let live. And in reality, it is the women who create the terrorists.

  12. Our war is not with Hamas but with the Palestinian people. A nation of murderers and rapists - not only should we not make peace with them, but we must fight them everywhere.

  13. Any civilian now, including bodies, who is not returned right now: we erase Gaza, and let the whole world boycott us.

  14. There are 2 million Nazis in Gaza.

  15. Providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip is simply a crime... Using the term non-combatants is simply madness.

  16. Every school, every Mosque, every second house has access to tunnels. Do you have another solution [other than destroying all of Gaza]?

  17. It is impossible to win a war against a cruel nation like the Palestinians with humanity. They are all, from the greatest to the smallest, a criminal nation of rapists, child murderers, and kidnappers of the elderly and children. Their fate is one – death.

  18. Conquest, expulsion, settlement!

  19. Go fuck yourself, from KAN Digital

  20. Not to write how ugly the architecture in Gaza is and it's good that it was destroyed and it's a shame they don't do the same to Netanya; Not to write how ugly the architecture in Gaza is and it's good that it was destroyed and it's a shame they don't do the same to Netanya; Not to write how ugly the architecture in Gaza is and it's good that it was destroyed and it's a shame they don't do the same to Netanya.

  21. Our fighters, who went to war ... for revenge for the terrible massacre carried out by the Nazi terrorists ... will return to peace with the hostages, only after they have cut off the foreskins of all these accursed.

  22. First of all, the plans for 'the day before' – is to win the war with a total victory, not close, not pretending, a total victory! To imprint the notion of Nakba 2 in their minds. As for the question of 'the day after'? It should look like this: Gaza returns to its state from 56 years ago, where they are small, wounded, battered, busy burying their loved ones, and above all, very frightened!

  23. Erase Gaza from the face of the earth. Let the Gazan monsters rush to the southern border and flee into Egypt, or die. And let them die badly. Gaza should be wiped off the map.

  24. Anyone who saw the sights of the tongues of distilled Arab evil towards the people of Israel knows that the answer to the Arabs must be the total annihilation of Gaza and all the two-legged animals there. Nothing will bring comfort... and yet we demand revenge under the clear assumption that there is no innocent person in Gaza.

  25. We must not show mercy to cruel people, there is no place for any humanitarian gestures – we must erase the memory of Amalek.

  26. Erase the memory of them. Erase them, their families, mothers and children. These animals can no longer live. Every Jew with a weapon should go out and kill them. If you have an Arab neighbor don’t wait. Go to his home and shoot him.

  27. I want a big revenge [...] I really hope that our revenge, that of the State of Israel, on the cruel enemy - will be a very big revenge. I don't call them human animals because that would be insulting to animals.

  28. More! No mercy! @IDF don't stop!

  29. 100%. We should have never left [Gaza]. Now we need to take it back, by force, and keep it forever. Nothing else works.

  30. Nakba to the enemy now! This day is our Pearl Harbor. We will still learn the lessons. Right now, one goal: Nakba! A Nakba that will overshadow the Nakba of 48. A Nakba in Gaza and a Nakba for anyone who dares to join!

  31. Dear fighters, act in Gaza in your most lethal way: kill, kill and kill. Gaza needs to make the corpses of Hamas members and their aides stink, without that the goals will not be achieved. Don't take a risk. Everything that moves within the boundaries of your sector - shoot. And the main thing - come back safely.

  32. There is nothing more moral than turning Gaza into hell now, so that in the future they won't even think in that direction. So far we are too gentle

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