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Mayer, Avi photograph
Avi Mayer
Image via Jerusalem Post

Avi Mayer Quotes

Former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post

2 Quotes by Avi Mayer

  1. To utter the names Netanyahu and Gallant in the same breath as Sinwar and Deif is to suggest some moral equivalence between a Western democracy, however imperfect, and the bloodthirsty terrorist group against which it is defending itself. The ICC prosecutor’s announcement is abhorrent and amoral and should be roundly and categorically rejected by the international community.

  2. They [Jews who care about Palestine] exploit and appropriate Jewish ritual items and texts, their Jewish names and backgrounds, and even – perversely – their families’ stories of persecution and mass murder to cause harm to the Jewish people and their state. The time has come to regard these individuals and groups as having separated themselves from the Jewish community and the Jewish people.

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