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5 Israeli Lying? Quotes

  1. [The bodies discovered in mass graves in Nasser Hospital had their hands tied] because we probably arrested the terrorists. I don't know if the terrorists fought back, I wasn't there ... It could be that many were shot and they were shooting in a battle. It could be that there were bombs thrown by them, and grenades ... We don't know what they were doing before their hands were tied behind their backs, do we?

  2. I have no relationship with Netanyahu. I am a tool through which he conveys things to the public.

  3. There is no imminent famine [in Gaza], I think that is a complete lie and fabrication ... That is a libel against Israel ... 10% of UNWRA are Hamas operatives ... There is no starvation.

  4. There are no Israeli rape victims providing testimonies from Oct 7 because they were murdered.

  5. Unfortunately underneath Shifa [hospital] there is a huge, huge terror base. Actually the headquarters, the headquarters, of Hamas-ISIS operations is underneath Shifa!

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