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An ever-growing database of quotes from Israeli leaders and public figures

About The Zionism Observer

When someone shows you who they are, believe them ...

- Maya Angelou

Our database

Our mission is to build a database that helps elucidate the reality of Zionism through the words of Zionists.

We launched our database on January 2nd, 2024 in order to assist researchers and preserve the historical record.

There are 408 quotes from 131 people in the Zionism Observer database.

Tips for using our database

Each quote contains a number of details, the ones that are not self-explanatory are elaborated on below.

Verified: Translation

Indicates that an academic fluent in Hebrew and English verified the translation. You may accurately cite these quotes as "according to a translation verified by The Zionism Observer."

If we did not verify the translation, the quote is likely a machine translation, or from the cited source.

Archived: Screenshot/Video

Evidence from original source material, or from researchers, that we preserved on our server. The preserved evidence is usually from the listed citation for a quote, but there are times they do not match (eg, we found a better video containing more context, but it isn't from the same source). We often have additional sources/evidence from contemporary quotes that are not listed on our website. We can provide these to journalists or researchers upon request.

Hat Tip: {Person or Organization's Name}

Our way of providing credit to a researcher who either brought this to our attention, or the person who translated the quote.

Contributing to our database

If you would like to contribute quotes to our database, you may use our public-facing form.

Projects powered by our database

Is It Genocide?

Our attempt to answer to the question of genocidal intent in Gaza, Is It Genocide? is a curated subset of quotes categorized as genocidal intent, presented as an animation.

Built by cyberDaffodil, in partnership with Tech4Palestine. Dedicated to the memory of Aaron Bushnell.

The Zionism Observer would not be what it is today without

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  • Web Design: Sara
  • Logo and Illustration: Katie Miranda
  • Browser Plugin: Ethrx, cyberDaffodil
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  • Everyone who contributed research through our form

In honor of Sr. Dianna Ortiz

🕯 The Zionism Observer is inspired by the life and work of Sr. Dianna Ortiz, may her memory be a blessing. 🕯

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