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24 Israeli Starvation Quotes

  1. Trucks with aid to the enemy? I blocked myself. I don't know if it was published, but I came and blocked the road with my car as well.

  2. If you stop the aid trucks, I will applaud you.

  3. There’s a problem, let’s see how we solve it. I would not bring in a single aid truck. We allow them to eat well ... I see the markets are working very well there. I see the Gazans swimming

  4. There is no imminent famine [in Gaza], I think that is a complete lie and fabrication ... That is a libel against Israel ... 10% of UNWRA are Hamas operatives ... There is no starvation.

  5. You need to bring the Gaza Strip to the point of a humanitarian disaster, and then, maybe, something which I think would also be a mistake, rebuild and bring in a Palestinian regime.

  6. Today it was proven that the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza is not only madness while our abductees are being held in the Strip under substandard conditions, but also endangers the IDF soldiers. This is another clear reason why we must stop transferring this aid, which is in fact aid to harm the IDF soldiers and oxygen to Hamas.

  7. Our goal at the moment, and this is in continuation of what you said, is to turn them from Hamas supporters to Hamas dislikers. And the way is supplying the humanitarian aid, through us.

  8. They will move. The Arabs will move … We don't give them food, we don't give the Arabs anything. They will have to leave.

  9. We need to inform the US that we are stopping aid to Gaza.

  10. At this very moment, aid trucks continue to enter the Gaza Strip! enough! How long will we bow our heads and endure the shame? That's not how you defeat terrorism. stop everything immediately bring back a total blockade. Return instructions to open fire in the north of the Gaza Strip against all incoming Gazans.

  11. No electricity, no food, no water, no gas. It's all closed. We are fighting animals and are acting accordingly.

  12. Without hunger and thirst among the Gazan population, we will not be able to recruit collaborators, we will not be able to recruit intelligence, we will not be able to bribe people, with food, drink, medicine, in order to obtain intelligence.

  13. A complete siege on Gaza. No water, no electricity, no food. Like in Beirut 1982. Water for the south of the Gaza Strip - only in exchange for the return of the kidnapped children and women.

  14. The spirit of Oslo is still here. And if we don't get rid of it … we will lose again. With Nazis & their assistants, you don't talk. You eradicate evil from the world. Do you want your pop [in Gaza] to drink? Release the hostages.

  15. There cannot be any humanitarian aid in [Gaza] while there are hostages in the Gaza Strip who are not receiving any humanitarian aid and are not receiving any visits, not from the Red Cross, and no one has any idea what is happening to them.

  16. I strongly oppose the opening of the blockade and the introduction of goods into Gaza on humanitarian grounds. Our commitment is to the families of the murdered and the kidnapped hostages - not to the Hamas murderers and those who aided them.

  17. All the civilian population in gaza is ordered to leave immediately. We will win. They will not receive a drop of water or a single battery until they leave the world.

  18. Humanitarian aid to Gaza? No electrical switch will be turned on, no water hydrant will be opened and no fuel truck will enter until the Israeli abductees are returned home.

  19. Hamas became ISIS and the citizens of Gaza are celebrating instead of being horrified. Human animals are dealt with accordingly. Israel has imposed a total blockade on Gaza, no electricity, no water, just damage. You wanted hell, you will get hell.

  20. [W]e cut the supply of energy, water and diesel to the Strip ... But it’s not enough. In order to make the siege effective, we have to prevent others from giving assistance to Gaza ... The people should be told that they have two choices: to stay and to starve, or to leave. If Egypt and other countries prefer that these people will perish in Gaza, this is their choice.

  21. The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.

  22. We should tell them: listen, until they're released, from our side, you will starve to death. This is completely legitimate.

  23. We'll Deprive Gaza of Water, and the Arabs Will Leave.

  24. Both humanitarian aid to Hamas and a demand for arrest warrants against state leaders. The Hague teaches the State of Israel anew the concept of both eating the putrid fish and being expelled from the city. I call to announce an immediate halt to humanitarian aid to Hamas and to boycott the deliberation in The Hague, which condemned us, beforehand, with illegitimate rules.

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