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Zvi Sukkot
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Zvi Sukkot Quotes

Member of the Knesset (Religious Zionism)

5 Quotes by Zvi Sukkot

  1. The responsibility for the October 7 massacre lies with those who expelled the Jews from Gush Katif.

  2. Jewish settlement on ruins of Palestinian villages is a message we must convey.

  3. At least the northern Strip we must first of all conquer, annex, raze all the buildings and build neighborhoods.

  4. A Palestinian state will not be established between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea! Never!

  5. Both humanitarian aid to Hamas and a demand for arrest warrants against state leaders. The Hague teaches the State of Israel anew the concept of both eating the putrid fish and being expelled from the city. I call to announce an immediate halt to humanitarian aid to Hamas and to boycott the deliberation in The Hague, which condemned us, beforehand, with illegitimate rules.

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