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Nissim Vaturi
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Nissim Vaturi Quotes

MK and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset

13 Quotes by Nissim Vaturi

  1. Trucks with aid to the enemy? I blocked myself. I don't know if it was published, but I came and blocked the road with my car as well.

  2. If you stop the aid trucks, I will applaud you.

  3. 7 Boom!

  4. It is better to burn down buildings rather than have soldiers harmed. There are no innocents there ... One hundred thousand remain [in the north of Gaza]. I have no mercy for those who are still there. We need to eliminate them.

  5. We were meant to fight this war against Hamas, as is happening now, and luckily for us it came from the heavens

  6. Who's left in Gaza? Are there citizens? There are only tunnels, Hamas, and accursed terrorists who murdered children and are holding children hostage. We have to crush Gaza, Gaza is Hamas.

  7. I said burn Gaza, why should we be ashamed? Are there civilians in Gaza? Suddenly they put fuel in the Gaza Strip, they murdered children, why should we put up with something like this? What's left in Gaza? Tunnels, Hamas, and the damned terrorists who hold children captive.

  8. We are too humane. Burn Gaza now. No less!

  9. A return to Jewish settlement in the northern Gaza Strip is a correct and logical answer to the murderous terrorist attack by Hamas! The settlement will help restore security, and fix the image of Israeli victory in the eyes of our enemy.

  10. The war will never end if we don't expel them all.

  11. Nakba?! expel them all. If the Egyptians care so much for them - they are welcome to have them wrapped in cellophane tied with a green ribbon. Salamat [Goodbye in Arabic]!

  12. Erase Gaza. Nothing else will satisfy us. It is not acceptable that we have a terrorist authority next to Israel. Do not leave a child there to expel all the remaining ones at the end, so that they will not have a resurrection.

  13. Now we all have one common goal — erasing the Gaza Strip from the face of the earth. Those who are unable will be replaced.

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