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Revital Tali Gottlieb
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Revital Tali Gottlieb Quotes

Member of Knesset (Likud)

11 Quotes by Revital Tali Gottlieb

  1. Someone tell the prosecutor at the anti-Semitic terror supporter court in The Hague that my name is Tali Gottlieb and not Tali Kottlieb..

  2. The US is threatening not to give us precision missiles. Oh yeah? Well, I got news for the US: we have imprecise missiles and we have the right to defend ourselves. So maybe instead of using a precise missile, and taking down a specific room or a specific building, I'll use my imprecise missiles and I'll just collapse ten buildings. Ten buildings. Ten buildings! That's what I'll do.

    Logo for Zionism Observer, the letters Z and O designed to look like a corrupted Star of David, symbolic of how Zionism corrupts Judaism Revital Tali Gottlieb
    Member of Knesset (Likud)
  3. There are no uninvolved, neither in Khan Yunis nor in Saja'iya. They are all deserving of death. This must be the working assumption. Bombard without mercy from the air! Ground maneuvers only after flattening buildings. Every Gazan who did not heed the IDF's request to leave is a terrorist assistant. And if [President] Biden or any other kind-hearted person has a problem with this working assumption, he is welcome to enter Gaza himself.

  4. Bombard from the air without mercy!! Enough with having mercy on the cruel at such painful costs. Enough with having mercy on 'uninvolved' Gazans. There are no uninvolved. Every Gazan who remains in a place of combat is an assistant to a terrorist organization. Enough! Change tactics. Destroy every place where there are terrorists and terrorist assistants. From the air!! Do not risk soldiers' lives if it is possible to bombard from the air!

  5. At this very moment, aid trucks continue to enter the Gaza Strip! enough! How long will we bow our heads and endure the shame? That's not how you defeat terrorism. stop everything immediately bring back a total blockade. Return instructions to open fire in the north of the Gaza Strip against all incoming Gazans.

  6. 'May your village burn'!! Yes, yes, as far as I'm concerned, it's great morale to wish for Gaza to be erased and set on fire. I have said more than once that revenge is a value. They almost conquered the kibbutzim in the south, slaughtered, raped, beheaded, and gouged out eyes, nearly 1400 murdered in a single Sabbath. So let their village burn. And if 'La Familia' sings this, it's because they understand that the enemy only understands force! And more force.

  7. Without hunger and thirst among the Gazan population, we will not be able to recruit collaborators, we will not be able to recruit intelligence, we will not be able to bribe people, with food, drink, medicine, in order to obtain intelligence.

  8. A leadership that has mercy on monsters who massacred us is not worthy of leadership. A ceasefire for several hours is surrender, it is weakness, humiliation ... Without crushing Hamas and razing Gaza, we will not have the right to exist.

  9. Only an explosion that shakes the Middle East will restore this country's dignity, strength and security! It's time to kiss doomsday. Shooting powerful missiles without limit. Not flattening a neighborhood. Crushing and flattening Gaza ... without mercy! Without mercy!

  10. Jericho [Nuclear] Missile! Jericho Missile! A strategic alert, before considering the introduction of forces. A doomsday weapon! This is my opinion. May God preserve all our strength.

  11. Bring down buildings!! Bomb without distinction!! Stop with this impotence. You have ability. There is worldwide legitimacy! Flatten Gaza. Without mercy! This time, there is no room for mercy!

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