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Isaac Herzog
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Isaac Herzog Quotes

President of Israel

6 Quotes by Isaac Herzog

  1. The announcement of the prosecutor at the ICC is beyond outrageous, and shows the extent to which the international judicial system is in danger of collapsing … We expect all leaders in the free world to condemn outright this step and firmly reject it.

  2. What I want to urge is against just saying two-state solution. Why? Because there's an emotional chapter here that must be dealt with. My nation is bereaving. My nation is in trauma. The cup of poison that Israelis have seen, seen as being filled. In order to get back to the idea of dividing the land or negotiating peace and talking to the Palestinians, etc., one has to deal first and foremost with the emotional trauma that we're going through and the need and demand for a full sense of security for our people.

  3. Unfortunately underneath Shifa [hospital] there is a huge, huge terror base. Actually the headquarters, the headquarters, of Hamas-ISIS operations is underneath Shifa!

  4. There are no innocent civilians in Gaza.

  5. I went to the U.S. [...] and encountered something I termed a real plague. I saw the children of my friends marrying or living with non-Jewish partners.

  6. It is not true this rhetoric about civilians not being involved. It's absolutely not true.

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