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7 Israeli Torture Quotes

  1. Since I assumed the position of Minister of National Security, one of the highest goals I have set for myself is to worsen the conditions of the terrorists in the prisons, and to reduce their rights to the minimum required by law.

  2. It is very possible that even after the addition of the new prisons is completed, the many terrorists will still be overcrowded in prison. I have already proposed a much simpler solution, of enacting the death penalty for terrorists, which would solve the overcrowding issue - legislation to which the Shin Bet is also vehemently opposed.

  3. The decision today in the Cabinet to force foreign observers on me in the prisons to check the condition of the Nukhba terrorists is a serious mistake. Our hostages in Gaza receive abuse, not visits and concern for rights. These visits harm deterrence, negotiations with Hamas, raise the morale of the terrorists, may lead to prison riots, and beyond that it is a violation of Israeli sovereignty, and an opening for international intervention in other issues in the future. No state that respects its sovereignty and security would allow this to happen. The British act as if the Mandate government exists, and we cooperate with this.

  4. My reserve, which ends tomorrow, is in the detention facility of Sde Yemen.

  5. Reading what Gideon Levy wrote ("Haaretz", 7.4), I find out that I may stand trial for performing life-saving medical operations there. It also turns out, according to the article, that there was only one righteous doctor in the hospital and that "limbs are amputated as a routine" - a whitewashed expression to clarify the loathsomeness and lack of adherence of the nurses and doctors to their medical duties and to the highest order of their profession, which is different from the profession of journalism, which are committed both to the truth and to the honor of every creature of the world.

    Doctor at secret military field hospital accused of torture
  6. Doctors working there, like me, are fighting for the life of the patient lying in front of them, handcuffed and blindfolded.

    Doctor at secret military field hospital accused of torture
  7. Medical and nursing staff work in this impossible place. Dedicated nurses and conscience-imbued doctors understand that "In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man," according to a senior nurse there.

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