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Almog Cohen
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Almog Cohen Quotes

Minister Otza Yehudit (Jewish Power)

5 Quotes by Almog Cohen

  1. I received great news. Three sons, two grandchildren of Ismail Haniya were eliminated in an airstrike, those you can hear above. Ismail, Eid Mubarak. You're next.

  2. Fasting Ramadan is the best time to kill them! They are weak and tired and no, I have no mercy on them.

  3. The Prime Minister must lead the army to enter Rafah. Yes: when they're fasting, when they're tired and exhausted. To tear their bones apart!

  4. We will destroy Hamas without mercy - I want revenge ... The beach of Gaza will be the blood of terrorists and I am not ashamed to say that.

  5. Destroy a neighborhood in Gaza every day the abductees are in their hands. If we blink, we run out of global credit. Every day that the abductees are with them, a neighborhood must be destroyed on its inhabitants and I will be called cruel. It is a Middle Eastern language.

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