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Gilad Erdan
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So I ask again, what is the meaning 'humanitarian' ceasefire? There's no such a thing. This is a- one big lie! A whitewashing of the truth! A humanitarian ceasefire means a terrorist-saving ceasefire. We're not stupid. This resolution only seeks an end to the war against Hamas nazis. Sorry for the words, you don't give a damn about Israel and our future. An end to the war means turning our backs on the hostages. It means ensuring Hamas's continued rule in Gaza. I don't get it. We're 18 years of oppression in Gaza- by the way against Palestinians digging terror tunnels into our soil- into our territory, and indiscriminate rocket fires, thousands and thousands on Israeli civilians. That wasn't enough for you? All a ceasefire secures is a future for the genocidal jihadists. It is only Hamas that this resolution is defending. Stop hiding your intentions behind your suits and diplomatic wording.

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