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Gilad Erdan
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Gilad Erdan Quotes

Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (Likud)

4 Quotes by Gilad Erdan

  1. In an interview with @israelhayomheb I said that the UN has become a collaborator of Hamas! Israel will have to establish new "rules of the game", which will include the closing of UN compounds, the denial of visas and the deportation of UN employees who work against us. If after changing the rules, this rotten organization still won't behave fairly towards us - we should consider leaving the UN.

  2. The UN breaks the Guinness World Record for rewarding terrorism. And if Hitler were alive, he would praise the UN, which is considering recognizing a Palesti-Nazi terror state. I criticized the idea and said that if this happens, the UN will be remembered as a body that has been hijacked by dictators and human rights violators. A body that rewards Nazi-like monsters.

  3. So I ask again, what is the meaning 'humanitarian' ceasefire? There's no such a thing. This is a- one big lie! A whitewashing of the truth! A humanitarian ceasefire means a terrorist-saving ceasefire. We're not stupid. This resolution only seeks an end to the war against Hamas nazis. Sorry for the words, you don't give a damn about Israel and our future. An end to the war means turning our backs on the hostages. It means ensuring Hamas's continued rule in Gaza. I don't get it. We're 18 years of oppression in Gaza- by the way against Palestinians digging terror tunnels into our soil- into our territory, and indiscriminate rocket fires, thousands and thousands on Israeli civilians. That wasn't enough for you? All a ceasefire secures is a future for the genocidal jihadists. It is only Hamas that this resolution is defending. Stop hiding your intentions behind your suits and diplomatic wording.

  4. ... and when the general assembly called for a ceasefire, I declared loud and clear that there will be no ceasefire, never.

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