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Aryeh Yitzhak King
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Aryeh Yitzhak King Quotes

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

3 Quotes by Aryeh Yitzhak King

  1. If it were up to me, I would have dispatched D-9 bulldozers and put them behind the mounds of dirt and would have given the order to cover all these hundreds of ants, while they're still alive. [...] They aren't human beings and not human animals. They're subhuman and that's how they should be treated. [...] Eradicate the memory of Amalek, and never forget.

  2. If the Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers cared about the State of Israel, there would already be 150,000 dead in the Gaza Strip, and not even a single building would be standing in the Strip.

  3. Five days have passed since Muslims carried out the largest massacre in history of Jews, on the land of Israel, since the establishment of the State of Israel. And still [N]etanyahu refuses to give the moral order to crush and erase the cities of terror from which the murderers of our brothers emerged. Shame!

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