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Yoav Kisch
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Yoav Kisch Quotes

Minister of Education

6 Quotes by Yoav Kisch

  1. Lebanon, as we know, will not exist. Lebanon will pay the price because of Hezbollah.

  2. We can certainly bring back the settlements of Gush Katif [evacuated in 2005], there is no status quo and nothing is sacred.

  3. Every Jew knows the saying 'Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way ... and that is what [H*] did and their judgement shall be to destroy them, full stop. I relate to them like Amalek.

  4. Those are animals, they have no right to exist. I am not debating the way it will happen, but they need to be exterminated.

  5. This [attack] is not enough, there should be more, there should be no limits to the response, I said it a million times, until we see hundreds of thousands fleeing Gaza, we, the IDF has not achieved its mission, this is a phase that should happen, I am saying this cause these are instructions that were said to the IDF [...] I also do not want [the IDF] to get inside [Gaza] before crushing everything, Iā€™d rather the falling of fifty buildings than one more casualty to our forces.

  6. The goal has been defined - there will be no operational capability left against the State of Israel. In order to achieve the goal, at the tactical level, it cannot happen without the population fleeing.

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