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Naftali Bennett
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The Gaza siege plan: impose a total siege on the north of the Gaza Strip, dry up and suffocate the Hamas terrorists in the tunnels until they are forced to come out; create a new security strip 2 km deep into the territory of the Strip along our entire border, a permanent Strip... Imagine bulldozers simply levelling the area; Countries around the world can take in the refugees- only temporarily, of course- until Hamas surrenders and the war ends. Between 6 months and 5 years; In the south of the Gaza Strip … we allow (but do not give ourselves): water, food, medicine ... We aren't allowing any drop of fuel to enter the entire Strip. Without fuel there are no tunnels because there is no ventilation and no lighting... Any country in the world that expresses pain over the situation of the refugees in the south is invited to temporarily host refugees (Scotland, Egypt, Turkey, etc.).

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