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Gideon Sa'ar
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The ICC decision is evidence of the bankruptcy of the institutions of international law, and this is a continuation of the farce of the deliberation in the South Africa claim at the ICJ. The very comparison between the prime minister and the defense minister of Israel, a state that fights according to the rules of international law and is accompanied by an independent judicial system, to the jihadists of Hamas - is scandalous. These are moves aimed at harming the right of Israel - the most threatened and attacked state in the world - to defend itself, a right enshrined in the UN Charter. Those leading these moves, whose goal is to tie Israel's hands, is the Palestinian Authority led by Abu Mazen.

MK, former Minister of Justice
  • Date: 1 month ago (20 May, 2024)
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Verified: Translation
  • Source: As quoted by ynet
  • Hat tip: Translation verified by Tali

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