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Eydar, Dror photograph
Dror Eydar
Image via Israel Hayom

The price they must pay for what they've done to us should not be limited to merely punishing, the killing of insurgents. We are not talking about a conflict imposed on us, that's illogical. We refer to them as 'spaces,' while they call them 'land,' from which the word 'human' is derived. In the Middle East, it means that a human without land is worth nothing and has no right to exist. Therefore, the price they must pay for it to impact future generations is that we must take their land. First, we must take the land, after we have taken their land, we'll think about what we'll do next. The second thing we need to push for, despite all voices and opinions, is new migration and helping them find a new life. Gaza is certainly now destroyed and not suitable for human habitation. And I expect the Western world, as they did by welcoming a million Syrian refugees, to open their doors and welcome the people of Gaza.

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