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Eliyahu Yossian
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Eliyahu Yossian Quotes

IDF Military Intelligence Unit 8200, awarded the Israel Defence Prize

4 Quotes by Eliyahu Yossian

  1. 1. Annexing Area C is necessary, because if not, everything that happened to us in the Gaza envelope will happen to us in Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Ra'anana, and more. It's just a matter of time. 2. Annexing the northern Strip of Gaza is necessary, because if not, the residents of the Gaza envelope are again in existential danger. 3. We lost our reading of the security map since we called settlement 'settlement', since we called the pioneers 'hilltop youth'. It's important to note that the value of land is not only biblical but also grants us geopolitical depth and a grip on the territory which allows us to ensure our right to exist. We must return to the roots; the Maccabees, of blessed memory.

  2. What does it mean to harm all the population? There are no innocents! That's exactly it. You're saying now 'population'! There is no population! There are two and a half million terrorist- therefore, warning before bombing is meaningless. Warning has to be for innocents only and since there's no innocent, so, there's no problem. When I said 'they are all terrorists [Interviewer: "What does it mean? Kill everybody?"] This is the perception, that there is something defined in times of war called 'The hour of grace.'

  3. On the first night, we should have taken down 50,000 Gazans, as a blood revenge. Cabinet discussions later, humanitarian later, prisoners and missing persons later. The first check - blood revenge. This is what Ben Gurion knew.

  4. Hamas is not the enemy, but Gaza is the enemy. [...] It is not important who you warn, or who evacuates a neighborhood. This is what is called flattening the area, leveling the ground. You ask me what I would do? The answer is simply leveling the ground, and to kill the largest number possible. Because the woman is an enemy, the baby is an enemy, and the first grader is an enemy. The Hamas militant is an enemy and the pregnant woman is an enemy. We see it with our own eyes.

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