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Elior Levy
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Elior Levy Quotes

Palestinian affairs correspondent, Kan 11 channel

Quotes by Elior Levy

  1. Since the beginning of the war, in an undeclared manner, Israel has started a personal revenge campaign against Ismail Haniyeh. Over the past 8 months Israel has assassinated no less than 19 of his close family members. And from the extended family, there are also a few dozen more. Let's take a look at some of the more prominent names on the screen. So we're talking about his sister who was eliminated today, Zaher Haniya and, two months ago, 3 of his sons, Hazem, Mohammad, and Amir Haniya. Along with them also three of his grandchildren. There are also two more grandchildren of his, that were eliminated within the first few weeks of the war. And even his sister, Sbah Haniya, who lives here, in Israel, in Tel Sheva, was arrested already a few months ago. There is a possibility that we’re talking about a very clear Israeli message to Ismail Haniye that he is also [on their target lists].

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